EMPower Mathematics for Adult Education/GED
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EMPower (Extending Mathematical Power) is a mathematics curriculum for non-traditional students enrolled in adult basic education, pre-GED, GED, and transitional courses to college, as well students in alternative high schools, workplace settings or corrections programs. EMPower helps adults develop mathematical proficiency to more effectively engage with the world, whether that be at work, at home as parents and caregivers, in the community, or as they seek high school credentials and further education.

The full curriculum comprises eight non-sequential units emphasizing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, proportions, geometry and measurement, algebra, and data and graphs.


We are pleased to offer a preview of new EMPower lessons and updated facilitator notes. The preview PDF includes 3 complete lessons intended to follow the lesson sequence in Using Benchmarks: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. These lessons are aligned to the Career and College Readiness Standards. The new materials explicitly link mathematical properties with everyday number sense. New Activities, Math Inspections, and Practice sheets connect the mathematical properties and conceptual understanding of whole numbers and rational numbers to the “standard” algorithms. For example, in supplementary lessons EMPower authors incorporate negative numbers and exponents, connecting these topics to work with number lines and multiplication.

  • Click here to download a free sampler of the new lessons.
  • Click here to download a free sampler featuring lessons from the original EMPower series.

New EMPower materials are currently under development. Please contact us to sign up for occasional updates on product and professional development availability.

EMPower is part of the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC.
Developed and field tested by the Educational Research Collaborative at TERC with support from the National Science Foundation.